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About us

Who we are

Sunies is a fashion brand, that specializes in unique footwear design based in Vienna.

The models are made by hand, with a very careful eye for detail, and finalized digitally in a 3D program. The company focuses on creativity, design, and sustainability.


The designs have been carefully developed, with a special emphasis on water resistance, comfort and elegance.

The sandals are perfect for all kinds of activities like: relaxing at the beach, elegant nights, spending time with friends at restaurants or clubs, you can even take them to work.

Need to pack lightly? Not a problem with Sunies: they are the perfect footwear solution for light travels!

Materials Thriving Sustainability

We dedicated more than 2 years to create the perfect eco-friendly material.

With 77% made out of natural resources like bamboo-, sugar cane- and coconut fibers, coconut oil and salt; we also use a mix of recyclable Vinyl-flex, a very flexible and comfortable material.

The insoles are made of EVA-Foam to guarantee a softer step. The sandals are hand assembled, with a lot of attention to detail to reach the high value we strive for in a conscious way.

We work only with 100% recyclable, waterproof, and vegan materials.

Sunies sandals are soft and fitted, giving you extra comfort. With three designs.

Sunies always promotes environmental awareness.

Driven by the idea of loving our planet and animals, Sunies takes the responsibility of promoting sustainability: from developing, to production, and lastly to disposal.

Take a look to our cycle: 


     Sunies  Slides Conscious Values

We work only with 100% recyclable, waterproof and vegan materials

About Our Sizes

Ordering a shoe online, is always hard to get the right size straight away. We recommend to order on size larger than advertised sizes

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